Huge Cast Iron Kettle Wash Gypsy Witches Pot Cookware Cauldron *** Rare ***

LOOK AT THIS HUGE CAST GYPSY IRON POT . This pot is almost 15" across in diameter and 12 " tall. This pot has no holes or cracks. This pot has been seasoned. Take a look at the inside of this pot; It is beautiful! This pot sits sturdy on 3 legs, and it has a good handle on each side. Pots like this are rare and extremely hard to find. This pot would be great for your outdoor cookouts or reenactments. This pot would be ideal fro cooking stews, soups, chili, corn, peanuts, fish, hominy, or seafood jambalaya. This is an old pot with two gate marks on the bottom. This is not a reproduction pot from China, and it has not been painted! If you have any questions email or call me at .
*** Pots like this are rare and are getting harder and harder to find. ***
The shipping weight will be around 30lbs + it will require a large box and padding. Also, pick ups are welcome.