Huge Collection 545 Autograph Game Used Exquisite 1000 Rc Insert Lot Huge $$$

Looking to start into coins so here it is for a super quick buy it now. only $1150....... I have been tasked with helping a customer with his coin collection and in the process my daughter has fallen in love with coin collection so I am taking a break from the cards for a few months. I have a four row box of cards that I indented to break down taking up valuable space so I am letting it go for a fraction of the worth. There are exactly 545 Game used and autograph The first 4 scans ( 36 cards) have an ebay resell value of over $600 by themselves.1. Jakob Silfverberg Artifacts BLack Sp Rc Autograph /5 Redemption $99.00 only 2 left that haven't been found. 2. Rob Gronkowski Elite Rc Autograph Average Ebay sell is $30 3. Wes Welker 08 SPX Autograph Average Ebay sell is normally $30 none listed in last 30 days 4. Dikembe Mutombo Crown Sillouettes Autograph Jersey $30 5. Kes Carter Bowman Black Platinum Rc Autograph $25 6. Tillman Reimold Uehara Bowman Platinum Triple Autograph Rc /89 $20 7&8. Lucas Sims Leaf Draft Green Autograph $25-30 each and I have 2 in lot both #/10 9. Mark Ingram & Mikel Leshour Inception Dual Rc Autogaph 21/25 $25 The first 9 cards have a consistant ebay resell value of @$309 so over $300 value and I rounded down on several of these. The next 9 cards are roughly around $15+ 1. Danny Woodhead Aspire Autograph ... read more