Huge collection of Gamescape Geo-Hex over 135 pieces

Gamescape Master Terrain System GH1601, 135 pieces, painted and flocked in green color ready to use. There is over 64' feet of tabletop landscape which includes 44 reversible hexes and half hexes plain on wide side with 1" roads printed on the back. There are 5 countour shapes with roads up the face, many corner locks. The hexs are 12" across. I'm also including a 4' x 6' green Gamescape mat and a 4' x 6' blue Gamescape mat for naval actions. There are also about 30 HO scale trees, flocking material and other miscellaneous terrain items. These pieces are used and some show wear, but they have many hours of future battles still left in them. Suitable for 15mm, 25mm, FOW, Tactica, Battletech, LoTR or whatever suits your fancy. Buyer to pay $50 shipping to the US (International at cost)as there are about 3 - 4 boxes worth of goods. I'll be uploading pictures in a bit or send an email. I"m having problems w/ the EBay uploader.