HUGE COLLECTION: Vintage Baseball Autographs, Cards...

NO RESERVE!!! The following is a Massive Assortment of Baseball Memorabilia dating from the early 1900s thru the present. I assumulated these items over the past 20-25 years and need to clear out some space. The breakup value of this lot could be tremendous but I just do not have the energy to list it all individually. Some of the highlights include:

Autographs: 1930s Scrapbook pages with Bus Payton, Beau Bell, Ollie Bejma, Charles Engle, George Mills (comes with PSA DNA COA), 2006 Vanderbilt Commodores NCAA Baseball team signed poster in Sharpie (20 sigs), Scott Holloway signed Wofford NCAA BAseball Poster, 1992 Buffalo Bisons poster signed Midre Cummings, 1950's Spalding Warren Giles NL Ball (Near Mint) signed "Red" Webb, 1950s Warren Giles NL Ball Bobby Gene Smith, 1940s Umpire Sal Leone Signed photo and severaral other items from his estate, several signed 3x5 cards including Deceased Hof Candidate "Buck" O'Neill, negro leagues, Jim Nettles, Gary Wheelock, Steve Yearer, Dave Duncan, Glenn Hoffman, Don Money, Dave Edwards, Bob Kipper, Jack Mull, Balvalino Galvez, many more..., signed cards-photos, Jeff Burroughs, Eric Welsh, Dick Sipek, Nick Striencovich, Charles Cozart, Ed Walczak, Casey Stone, Ron Mrzonski, Harry Boyles, Maury Fisher, Dusty Young, Justin Simmons, Alex Grammas, Tim Moss, Sibby Sisti, Lew Fonseca, Joe
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