A Huge Crocodile Tooth Necklace West Papua, Species Crocodylus Novaeguineae


A very old large crocodile (Crocodylusnovaeguineae) tooth necklace from, West Papua (Irian Jaya) Indonesia.

The huge fat back tooth measures approx 4.25 inches - 11.0 cm long.

The tooth measures 1.0 inches - 2.75 cm thick.

This tooth is from a huge crocodile.

This is the last tooth we have of this size.

The old crocodile tooth has been re-strung by Papua Tribal Art, and is unique to us.

The handmade deep woven thong measures, 26.0 inches - 66.0 cm round.

Traditionally warn as a sign of virility.

The model is my beautiful Papua wife.

This tooth has a small a small age related chip on the tip of the tooth, which relates in the price.

We have sold seven other huge crocodile teeth necklaces about this size, please see our 100% positive feed back.

100% natural and fair traded.

Crocodylus novaeguineae .

2009 IUCN Red List: LRlc (Lower Risk, least concern. The

species appears to remain abundant throughout much of its

extensive habitat; IUCN 2009) (last assessed in 1996).

The New Guinea freshwater crocodile is a medium-sized

Crocodilian restricted to the island of New Guinea and Pulau

Kimaam off the southwestern coast of Papua, Indonesia (Cox

et al . 2003). Maximum documented adult size is approximately
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