Huge Disney Alice in Wonderland Snowglobe Waterglobe

The amazing Disney's Alice In Wonderland musical waterglobe is !

This is from a series released a few years ago. It features Alice, the Mad Hatter, March Hare, Doormouse at the infamous tea party. Hatter, Hare, and Mouse all twirl about when music plays. This big item also has very bright lights requiring two double AA batteries. The grinning Cheshire Cat can be seen on the back of this rare one!

It's a heavy piece though probably around 10lbs. The detail in it's manufacturing and painting is exquisite. A real awesome piece for the Alice In Wonderland aficianado for sure!

Don't wait til the last hour to bid. If I don't see bidding before then I might pull it and relist later.

You have to have this item! It's about 9"-10" in width and about 7" high made of resin I'd say.