HUGE Drug rep Nasacort+provigil+Crestor-Benicar 90+item

Huge grouping of Drug rep. pens ~ highlighters & other drug rep. promo. items!

Nice spring colors!

All new items many have wraps~boxes

72 various pens

4 highlighters

14 other type items = 90 items

Pens include: (starting on Right side of picture)

3~ NASACORT AQ blue & orange gel writers ~ papermate pens ~ still have the wax plug in place

4 ~ ALLERGRA blue & white with silver highlights ~gel writers ~ also papermates ~ wax plugs still in place!

1 ~ Crestor ~blue, orange & white with wide crestor pocket clip and thick blue foam grip

4 ~ LANTUS navy & white gel writers ~silver highlights ~ wax plugs in place

Daytrana & Lexapro white out (push down on page to begin strip) (not in bags)

BYSTOLIC thick chip or paper clip with magnet on back side

ONE NICE SIZED MUG /Glass with handle ~ Childrens medical Center of Dallas ~ this appears to be pressed glass with designing in glass & nice handle (even has design on the bottom of the glass) clean ~ never used ~ no cracks or blemishes.

2~ CRESTOR lovelies ~~ heavy metal spring loaded clicker pens ~ very heavy metal ~ CRESTOR colors of blue, orange & pearl white with thick silver pocket clips ~ simply classic executive style pens ~ ceramic
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