Huge Eldar Army, Some Metal, Some OOP, ForgeWorld Titan, Games Workshop

This is an auction for a huge Warhammer 40k Eldar Collection, most models are in bags or sprues, some are assembled and others are started painted on. The auction includes an Eldar Titan from ForgeWorld, with a modelled scenic base with a carnifex body in it. Alot of OOP models. Sorry for the dark photos, but see them for details.
The collection includes:
2 Seer Council boxes, metal, OOP, sealed 7 Guardian Support Weapon platforms, plastic -2 Opened, 2 on sprue, 1 Incomplete 1 Eldar Heavy Weapon Platform, metal, OOP, sealed 2 Wraithlord, metal, OOP, sealed -1 in blister, 1 in box 1 Fire Dragon box, metal, OOP, sealed 1 Dark Eldar Reaper Exarch, metal, OOP, sealed
Eldrad Ulthran, metal, OOP 8 Farseers, metal, OOP, one missing a staff 8 Warlocks, metal, OOP, 2 missing swords Fuegan, metal, OOP 7 Banshees, including Exarch, metal, OOP 5 Rangers, metal, OOP 5 Silverspears, torso/heads, metal, OOP
80 Eldar Guardians, bits in bag 40 Eldar Guardians, on sprue -60 Storm Guardians, heads and weapons for converting regular Guardians, metal, OOP 20 Dire Avengers, on sprue 8 Heavy Weapon Platforms, 6 metal, OOP, 2 plastic
3 Falcons/Wave Serpents, mostly in sprues 1 Wave Serpent, unfinished, started painted 9 Jetbikes, unfinished, started painted 2 Vipers, unfinished 2 Walkers, unfinished
A bitsbag, including
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