Huge Golden Age Lot Superman, Batman, TEC, Action

Up for auction is a huge lot of Golden Age comics. All books are are graded via Overstreet Standards. This is a phenominal lot that contains great superhero books alotng with other great Golden Age titles. None of the books are brittle but t is a slight odor to all of them.
Action comics #96: Solid VG/VG+
Book lays flat with nice cover appeal, very nice brilliant cover color
Pages: pages are offwhite most likely a 7 on the OWL card, not brittle in anyway
Centerfold: Intact, fully attached at one staple is not attached at the lower staple
Cover: cover fully attached at both staples,no tears on front cover minor small check mark with grease pencil near superman logo, no staple tears, some minor edge wear no pieces missing
Back cover: small half inch tear near bottom some minor edge wear, no pieces missing.
Action Comics #37 Fair
Book lays flat
Pages: are off white, 7 on owl card, black mark on the outside of each pages (pics will show this)
Centerfold: fully attached, staples do not look rusty, but looks to have rust migration on centerfold pages
Cover: not attached, missing a inch by half inch at the bottom left corner, parts missing w cover should attach to staple, has a water stain, creasing, edge wear, small nicks with pieces missing
Back Cover: missing chunks along spine, and
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