HUGE Italian German WWII ww2 kit TUNIC LOTS MORE

This set is an enormous kit of Italian Uniform, Gear, And accessories. The set includes a Sahariana combat tunic with unit shoulder-shield, collar-tabs, and an anti-partisan badge. A German-style field cap with the iconic RSI symbol-with skull and crossbones, The waist belt for the Sahariana , skull and crossbones leather combat belt, leather Grigio-verde ammunition bandoleer,
Canteen with Grigio-verdi cover, a magnificent camouflaged m-33 Italian helmet, with national decal, accurate leather chinstrap and leather liner, and chicken wire cover for brush camouflage. Also included is a straight-edged World war two period razor, with white handle, a brown-and-white framed photo-from home, 2 original Mussolini Lira coins, with King Victor Immanuel, dog-tags, and accurate brass-and mother of pearl rosary beads. To ship to Europe; contact me for shipping & handling.
This kit is a once-in a lifetime set with no reserve whatsoever. Also; check my other auction items out, which include more Italian militaria, militaria, collectables, and more. Happy bidding!
Items in this kit:
Sahariana combat tunic, with unit collar tabs and shoulder badge
Anti-partisan badge
Leather original grigio-verdi bandoleer
Leather combat belt with buckle
Original canteen, with shoulder strap, grigio-verde wool cover
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