Huge: Japanese / Chinese Hanging Scroll - Rare Antique!

Up for auction is a scroll from an estate I received recently.. I can't really go into any details because I really don't know anything about scrolls- All can I can say is that it does show signs of getting wet on one side. I don't know how this happened because it was like this when I received it.. Since I don't have the history on this piece It would be best if you would ask questions .. I have taken several pictures so you can see the detail on this but if you would like some other pictures of any specific part of the scroll I can gladly work on that for you..This piece is 2ft wide by 5ft long.. No Reserve! Starting off at .99 so good luck.. My Flat Rate Shipping goes for the United States Only- Shipping outside the united states may be more expensive. If so, I will ship the package to you after you pay for the item and flat rate.If the cost of shipping exceeds the amount I put in for flat rate I'll simply send proof of receipt for the remaining balance.. This works perfect because you pay exactly what it cost to ship the package..I've been doing it this way since I started selling on eBay and so far everybody's been happy with it. Thanks!!