Huge Joblot of 1976-1988 First Day Covers/ Definitives Used/ Mint Stamp Sets

Christmas, High value definitive, Death Centenary of Edward Lear, 400th Anniversary of Spanish Armada, Bicentenary of Australian Settlement, Europa. Transport and Mail Services in 1930's (1 missing), sport, 400th Anniversary of Welsh Bible, Bicentenary of Linnean Society.
Flower Photographs by Alfred Lammer, 300th Anniversary of The Principia Mathematica by Sir Isaac Newton, Europa. British Architects in Europe, Centenary of St John Ambulance Brigade, Scottish Heraldry, Victorian Britain, Studio Pottery, Christmas.
Industry Year, Appearance of Halley's Comet, 60th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, Europa. Nature Conservation. Endangered Species, Medieval Life, Sport, Royal Wedding, 32nd Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference. London, Royal Airforce (mint), Christmas. Folk Customs.
Famous trains, insects, Europa. British Composers, Safety at sea, 350 Years of Royal Mail Public Postal Service, Arthurian Legends, British Film Year, Christmas. Pantomime Characters.
Heraldry, British cattle, Urban renewal, Europa. 25th Anniversary of C.E.P.T. and 2nd European Parliamentary Elections (1 mint/ 1 used), London Economic Summit Conference, Centenary of Greenwich Meridian, Royal Mail. Bicentenary of First Mail Coach Run, Bath and Bristol to London, 50th Anniversary of The British Council,
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