Huge Laurel & Hardy Figures on Bench Sitting Nice Rare

Ollie, why is the sky blue?? This famous pair almost comes to life on the metal park bench!! This set is huge and weighs close to 30 pounds. The Stan and Ollie are constructed of a thick plaster-like material, are finely hand painted and while only sitting are still close to 2 feet tall!! The bench measures 23 " long and 15"high. This is a big set that definitely will stand out anyw!! We see that Stan has had 3 fingers of his left hand repaired, Oliver has had the index finger repaired.. A little peach skin tone paint and the repairs would be invisible, as it is they are only noticible under close inspection..We see no markings and have no idea who made these or how old they are, we just know they are neat!! WE will require shipping insurance because of the fragile nature of this item, and the fact the holiday shipping season is upon us.. We will have more Laurel & Hardy soon, so check back often!!

Questions? More pics? Thanks for looking, and please check out our other items for more kool toys from times past! We do combine shipping!

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