Huge Lionel Train Collection Layout Inc Set + Acces WOW

A huge Lionel O guage train collection, layout and set, including a large group of accessories in generally good to excellent condition. Surprisingly, I didn't see any rust on the engine, cars, or track, so they were taken care of by the former owner before they went in storage 25 years ago. Needless to say, everything is a bit dusty but will clean up fine.Included are: A Lionel 243 locomotive and 243w tender Lionel 6812 Maintenance Car Lionel 6519 Allis Chalmers Car Lionel 3444 Operating Gondola Cop Chasing Hobo Lionel 6465 Cities Service Tank Car Lionel 6017 Caboose Lionel 9038 Hopper Car Lionel 9055 Republic Steel Gondola Lionel 6012 Gondola

Lionel 2461 Transformer Car

Lionel 6445 Fort Knox Gold Reserve Car

Lionel 6462 New York Central Gondola Car

Lionel 6-2122 extension bridge

Lionel 110 Trestle

A huge assortment of track including lock-ons and uncoupler 2 Lionel 1022 manual switches

2 Lionel 1024 manual switches

2 Lionel transformers And finally, well over 100 buildings and accesories, people and figures, trees, parts, and goodies to add realism to your own layout. Many of the buildings are marked Bachmann Plasticville, but there is simply too much here for me to count or try to identify. I do note that the plastic buildings are coming unglued from age, but can be easily put back together.
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