HUGE LOT of 1000 Wheat Cents Pennies NOT "Unsearched" or "Bank Rolled"! - READ-

Please note : I will be on vacation (taking the kids to Disney!!!) when this auction ends. This auction will end Sunday 12/29 but shipping will be slightly delayed. I will try to ship the following Saturday 1/4 when I get home. The very latest would be first thing Monday morning, 1/6.
Up for auction today is 1000 Wheat Pennies. The condition of the coins vary from BU to G. Please take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself. I do not use "file photos" what you see in the picture is what you will get! Here's the TRUTH ... I have bought several huge lots of wheats to search though as a hobby with my 2 young daughters. We go through them and look for key dates that we need to fill our coin books, anything that we don't need for our book or that's not a key date we throw in a 5 gallon bucket...this includes teens,20's,30's, and steel cents. We have counted out and stacked 1000 of these out of the bucket randomly and now they are up for auction. I do add a few extra wheats in the lot to make up for any that may be very worn. Most of the coins are 30's through 50's but I'm sure there will be some teens and 20's in the lot as well. I will ship via Flat Rate Priority Shipping with Tracking.
DO NOT FALL FOR THE "UNSEARCHED" ROLLS/LOTS ON EBAY!!! There is no such thing....come on, do you really think that a roll of wheats
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