Scoutyboy1's Fine Vintage Linens
I take extra care in restoring my linens-they are carefully hand laundered, line dried in the Delta Breezes of the California sunshine, and pressed to perfection on my antique mangle for your immediate pleasure!
You are viewing a HUGE lot of 12 vintage linens with a HEART THEME! This lot consists of 2 runners and 10 pillowcases. Some of the items are cotton and some are a blend. They are all hand embroidered, one also has some applique work, and 5 of them have pretty crochet trim. You may find a spot here or there, but you will NOT find any holes in this pretty lot! Perfect to mix n match!
I actually have a "real" job, but my hobby is to restore vintage linens! I search high and low at flea markets, thrift shops, garage sales, etc. to hunt these out. Sometimes, they are pretty nasty when I find them and I love the challenge of bring them back as closely as possible to their original condition!I take great pride in the work I do to bring these linens back to life; it truly is a labor of love for me. Your linens will arrive freshly laundered, pressed and clean-smelling. Nothing smells better to me that a freshly laundered linen hitting my antique mangle! You may find an age appropriate spot here or there on my linens. They most likely would come out with a bleach
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