HUGE lot of 1982-1989 GI Joe figures, vehicles and accessories, AFA them

The Field Marshal here again. Today I bring to you a wonderful lot of vintage 80's GI Joes. Now, this is truely a parts lot. All the vehicles are in good shape, but are incomplete. Some vehicles are more complete then others. There are missing and some broken parts. Also there are also parts for vehicles that are not there. There are 36 figures that are intact and about another 15-18 that have broken o-rings that can be rebuilt. With new o-rings, it only takes about 3 mintues to change them out. There are alot of figure accessories. Also included is the GI Joe headquarters. This is almost complete, missing the spot lights and machine guns that attach to the front walls. The jail is there, and stands but most of the tabs are broken off. The walls are very good and I didnt see any broken tabs. The front part of the wall where the generator is has a broken corner. Wall still stands though. Dont get me wrong, the vast majority of the items are in very good condition. Complete the vehicles or the figures and resell to double or triple your money! What you see is what you get. Please dont ask me to look thru everything for one part or one particular piece.

Shipping domestically ONLY and will be no more then $50. I only charge for actual shipping costs. If shipping is less then that, I will refund the difference . Please do not
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