Huge Lot of 20+lbs Lego 100+ MINIFIGS - Star Wars Skeletons Weapons

Up for your consideration is this great collection of Legos.There is over 20lbs of Legos and 95 (spread out and put together)+mini figures. Lots of Star Wars mini figures but I unfortunately do not know how to match these properly so I have taken a large amount of photos for you to view all that is included. Legos are not used so some of the parts and pieces may show some wear. For the most part the parts and pieces are in very good condition. There is a bag of mini figures parts to the right of my main photo and these mini figures were colored on for some reason. I did not add these to the rest of the figures which are spread out in my photo. I did my best to remove any broken or Mega Block pieces but there could possibly be some still in there. I would say 90% of the collection is authentic Legos. Please note-Tub holding the Legos is not included. Also, please note that only what you see in my photos is included, I do not have Lego instructions to any of the sets. I am sorry.

Please check out all of my photos and feel free to message me through eBay with any questions you may have.

Thank you and have a blessed day. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ

PLEASE CONTACT ME TROUGH EBAY EMAIL ONLY with any questions, advice, concerns, or etc. I seldom check any other email besides my eBay messages directly through eBay and I want
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