huge lot of 32 Barbie dolls clothed mostly 1966 dolls, Extra clothes accesories

Lot of 32 barbie dolls, about 20-25 of them are 1966 barbies, the rest are random newer dates such as 1973, 1987, 1999 is the latest date. If you need an exact list of every date message me and I can get that to you. All of the barbies have clothes on them as you can see in the photos except for two. The barbies and clothes are in good condition, I see no cracks on the bodies nothing broken etc. A couple of the barbies have white panties, the rest are mattell, couple are hasbro. I will also be including with this lot a bag of barbie clothes, shoes, hairbrushes, a couch, and random other accesories. The pairs of shoes mostly are not complete sets, I searched through the entire briefcase that all of this is in and got all the shoes I could out of it, whether the complete pairs of shoes are there I do not know as it was a lot to go through, so I separated all the clothes and accesories into a freezer bag. So you will be getting 32 barbies fully clothed as seen in pictures, a couch, and a freezer bag full of clothes, shoes, fake money, and accesories. I added some stuff in that I found in the pockets of the briefcase that are not pictured, I could only get 12 pictures in so I got what I could end, but this is 95% of it. Any questions PLEASE ASK! Thanks and !
Payment must be made via paypal within 24 hours of the end of auction. Once
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