Huge Lot of 41 Hot Wheels Monster Jam trucks Plus Extras

All vehicles are in very good condition. Matchbox trucks have little spots of wear but nothing major. Also included are Monster Jam figure drivers, crush cars and Battle Slammer (goes to Barbarian)
Truck and figures are on great condition except for Iron Man (his back wheels were put on too tight so they don't roll very easily).
Trucks included are:
Bigfoot (Muscle Machines/pull back let go kind)
So High (Matchbox)
Bog Buster (Matchbox)
Hog (Matchbox)
2 Other Matchbox Trucks (Don't know the names of them)
New Earth Authority
Max-D (Track Ace Tires)
Grave Digger (X-Rays)
Iron Outlaw (Mud Treads)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (RARE version)
Batman (Track Ace Tires)
Captain's Curse
Monster Mutt (Track Ace Tires)
Lucas Oil Crusader
Instigator (Edge Glow)
Rumble Dozer (Matchbox/Red version)
Higher Education
Iron Man (Tight back wheels; doesn't roll easily)
Black Stallion (Track Ace Tires)
Bounty Hunter (Track Ace Tires)
Wrecking Crew (Mud Treads)
Team Meents
El Toro Loco (Yellow)
Backwards Bob (X-Rays)
The Incredible Hulk
Western Renegade
Stone Crusher (Edge Glow)
Maximum Destruction (Chrome/Silver)
Grave Digger (Edge Glow)
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