Huge Lot of 50+ TCMA Minor League Team Sets 1977-1988

Huge Lot of Minor League Team Sets. I think it's 26 TCMA and 25 other brands. Cool collection of minor league cards. Lots of names to recognize along the way - I did my best to list the biggest name in each set - though sometimes at the end you'll notice I couldn't decide on a few, so..
1986 Columbus Clippers, Columbus Police (Doug Drabek). 1985 Columbus Clippers, Columbus Police (Rex Hudler). 1984 Columbus Clippers, Columbus Police (Mike Pagliarulo). 1982 Columbus Clippers, Columbus Police (Don Mattingly). 1985 Edmonton Trappers, Cramer (Wally Joyner). 1985 Portland Beavers Cramer (Darren Daulton). 1985 Phoenix Giants, Cramer (Dan Gladden). 1984 Tucson Toros, Cramer (Glenn Davis). 1984 Albuquerque Dukes Cramer (Sid Bream). 1984 Portland Beavers Cramer (Darren Daulton). 1986 Columbia Mets, Pro Cards (Gregg Jeffries). 1986 Tidewater Tides, Pro Cards (Dave Magadan). 1986 Las Vegas Stars Pro Cards (Benito Santiago). 1986 Maine Guides Pro Cards (Cory Snyder). 1986 Albuquerque Dukes, Pro Cards (Craig Shipley!). Alright, a quick aside, there's a whole bunch of awesomeness here. They're coming straight from the pages to this keyboard. It's a cool collection - I'm sort of keeping a running tally as much as possible of other major leaguers - but I'm sure I'm not typing them all, but what I did get is listed at the bottom. Back to work.
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