Huge lot of Angelina Ballerina dolls, clothes, house, furniture, theater, books

Angelina Ballerina is one of the cutest possible companions for a child with her pointy little noise and twinkling eyes. Well, at least as twinkly as a plush animal can have. On offer here is nearly the entire original Angelina Ballerina world , which was on sale from 2001 until 2004, when it was retired. Not only does it include her large nearly complete Storybook Cottage, but it also includes the complete theater set, and all of the original dolls with their wardrobes. It's almost impossible to find such a complete set of retired pieces, all in excellent condition.
The major piece is her large Storybook Cottage. It's essentially an oversized book that opens up to make a home for all four mice. It includes furniture and decorations for three rooms. For the Bedroom: A bed & bedding set with a hardwood bed with mice painted on the bedposts and floral designs on the headboard and footboard. The set also includes a mattress, a pillow and a quilt, all very soft and cozy. Her bedroom also has a mirrored dresser with working drawers for Angelina's clothes Angelina's clothes. Her toy mouse can curl up in a wooden toy chest decorated with flowers. Her parlor is furnished with a couch, an easy chair, an ottoman, a throw rug and a hurricane lamp to set on a wooden side table so she can read her favorite bedtime book. The "kitchen
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