Huge lot Baseball, Football, Basketball refractors

This is an auction for a lot of Baseball, Football, and Basketball refractors and more. All cards are in near mint to mint condition.

You will get: Football -., 2006 Finest Roethlisberger ref. 264/299, urlacher xfrac. 6/250, s. Alexander ref. 23/399, Favre #BF5 X2, FavreBF4, L. Johnson ref. 127/199, D. Freeney ref. 89/199, H. Ward ref. 146/199, A. Johnson ref. 176/399, J Galloway 358/399, I Bruce ref.286/299, 2005 Finest S. Alexander blue ref. 256/299, H. Ward Blue ref.24/150, 2006 Topps Draft Picks and Pros. M Vick ref.,M clayton ref., T. Gonzales.,R. Johnson ref., T. Green ref., M Bradley ref., C. Brown ref., C. Henry ref. X2, R. White ref., 2006 topps chrome J. Ogden ref., T. Bruschi., A. Green ref., N. Vasher ref., Z. Thomas ref., M. Muhammad ref., J. Witten ref., 2006 bow. chrome T.J. Houshmandzadeh ref., 2006 Topps Heritage Chrome M. Muhammad 1009/1952., 2005 bow. chrome T. Owens red ref., J. Jones red ref., 2005 bow. best P. Manning 902/1399., T. Gonzales 432/799., T. Daniels rc #99, T. Johnson rc #91 E. James rc #94, 2006 ultra Achievements T. Brady UA-TB, 2006 Leaf Limited C. Benson TT-9 9/100, B. Griese 397/799, C. Simms 315/799, D. McNabb 8/799, T. Gonzales 285/799, J. Elway 455/ 799, P. Holmes 231/799.

Baketball- 2006 topps finest V. Carter ref. D. Wade ref 147/199, G. Green FF18 929/1899, S. Nash Xfrac.
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