HUGE lot BOB. Mixed cond - but some OK incl Scott Cat #R113 & #R114 LOT 1 (100+)



Huge duplicated range of revenues etc. This is the first lot, and I will be listing

at least four lots of similar type material in my future listings. I only collect US

postage stamps, so I have accumulated these over a period of time from albums

etc. Please note that SOME OF THESE ARE FAULTY and many have hinges,

or paper adhering. The good news is they are COMPLETELY UNCHECKED

for shades, varieties, perfs, wmks etc - so maybe something useful. I did look at

Scotts and these are mainly low value. However, the 30c & 40c Black and Blue

revenues in the main pics are valued at $125 & $110 (Scott cat #R113 - #R114)

The 30c stamp is FAULT FREE, as is the $1 Conveyance #R66 in the same pics.

The 40c stamp has a crease (actually looks worse in my photo than in real life!)

The 25c stamp in the same photos has a thin area. Apart from these 4 revenues,

I don't think that there is anything terribly exciting....but who knows? (I don't)

There will be some "NON STAMPS" in each batch -- e.g. in this lot there are 2

customs labels (photo 11) & Advertising labels (photo 12). These four are all in

fine condition (hinged once) with full gum. P lease
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