Huge lot of Bratz clothes, accessories & 2 clothing & accessories holders

Huge lot of Bratz clothes, accessoriesand 2 Bratz clothing and accessories holders. The clothes are as follows: 99 pieces = 5 dresses, 6 jackets/coats, 2 vests, 4 pairs of shorts, 27 pairs of pants (1 pair, that I know of, is ripped in the seam, can be sewn. 1 pair I'm not sure is Bratz but fits them.), 13 skirts, 37 shirts (1, that I know of, has a run on the front.), 1 pair of underwear, 1 robe. 1 boy shirt, pants and shorts. Accessories are as follows: 4 hats, 1 bandana, 1 earmuffs, 10 purses, 2 sets of leg warmers, 1 pair of leggings, 1 tube of toothpaste, 1 bottle, 1 goggles, 1 eye mask, 1 Bratz lips pillow (dirty), 2 belts, 3 necklaces, 4 bracelets, 12 brushes, 1 snowboard, 1 torso, 1 stand. Everything is used. Everything looks nice but I didn't examine every piece.

Colors may vary from monitor to monitor. I describe things the best that I can keep in mind that my opinion may be different than yours.
I require payment with in 2 days. Thanks :)