Huge Lot Fisher Price Imaginext Dinosaurs Toy T-Rex Mountain,Tank, Razer,Thunder

Huge lot of Fisher-Price Imaginext Dinosaurs

Gently used toys all in great condition

All come from smoke free, pet free home

Includes the following sets, I believe them to be complete, but what you see in the pictures is what you will get, these are the actual pictures.

H5341 T-Rex Mountain Set - Fun set, Measures 17"H x 22"W x 11" D assembled. Assembly required. Actions include: Press claw print target to activate the claw trap; Press one button on top of the skull to make the eyes light up and "swallow" intruders; Press the other button for chomping sound effects and glowing eyes; Place boulders into the chutes and watch them tumble out at the bottom. Electronic Razor the T-Rex Set - Roars and chomps when lever under tail is pulled Thunder the Brontosaurus Set - Roars and stomps when lever under tail is pulled Slasher Allosaurus Dinosaur - Pull the lever underneath Slasher's tail to make his claws move Tank the Triceratops - Bucks head when lever under tail is pulled Shred The Raptor Set - no action Raider Allosaurus Set - Walks and Roars when you hit the button Whip The Parasaurolophus - Pull the trigger under the tail to make the head move