HUGE Lot of Flames of War Mostly Painted-Tanks, Infantry, Planes, Dice, Case

We have a HUGE Lot of Flames of War figures for sale. I'm not super familiar with everything that is here, but I've tried to include as many photos as possible as to what's here. I believe that a vast majority of the figures are US, and include a massive amount of infantry, 7 Jeeps, M3A Scout Cars, M8 Grayhounds, M20 Utility Vehicles, Sherman Tanks, Stuart Tanks, P38 Lightning Airplanes, P40 Warhawk Planes, possible Howitzers, and more. I'm not sure of the other pieces, I believe there may be some Japan infantry or other countries. This lot also includes 2 sets of playing dice, 2 different game templates, various unpainted figures, and a carrying case with 9 stackable foam trays that can be customized to hold everything. There are a few areas on the case along the seams where the outer fabric has come loose (see photos), and one of the P40 Warhawks is missing a propeller blade, but other than that, I have not seen any major flaws with anything else. Because I could only post 12 photos, I tried to show as much as possible, but since I'm no expert on these figures, I will certainly supply as many photos as you'd like to show in detail what is here. In total, I counted 372 individual soldiers, 18 tanks, 7 armored vehicles, 7 light vehicles, 8 heavy artillery weapons, 4 Planes, 2 sets of playing dice, 2 game templates, and the customizable ... read more