Huge Lot of John Vanbiesbrouck Memorabilia over 250 cards, figurines and jersey!

Hello, up for auction is a humongous lot of John Vanbiesbrouck memorabilia with somewhere over 250 hockey cards, 6 figurines, and an authentic "Beezer" hockey jersey from when he was with the Florida Panthers. When I was younger I was a big fan of John Vanbiesbrouck so I ended up amassing quite the collection. Since it's such a vast lot I can't even begin to list all the cards included but here are some of the cool/nicer ones:
1986 Topps #9 ROOKIE CARD 1998 Upper Deck UD Choice Crease Lightning (Serial Number: 088/100) #247 1997 Pinnacle Inside Stoppers #2 1996 Pinnacle Mint Collection Gold & Silver coins 1997 Pinnacle Link 2 History #LTH-10B AUTOGRAPHED 1999 Pacific Paramount 2000 Holo-Gold (Serial Number: 101/199) #176 2001 Private Stock Game Used Gear GAME-WORN JERSEY #72 2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond Game Gear GAME-USED GOALIE GLOVE #C-JV 2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond Game Gear GAME-USED LEG PADS #L-JV
These are just a few of the rare items in the lot. There's other pictures (one numbered out of 5000) and great cards. There's also these 6 figurines:
1998 Premier Collection Headliners XL (Only 15000 made) 1995 Starting Lineup Collecter Club 1998 Extended Starting Lineup Starting LineUp Pro Action Deluxe 2000-2001 Starting Lineup Edition 1997 Headliners "In The Crease" (w/Custom Goalie Mask)
And finally
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