Huge set of 39 Royal Arch Masonic Chapter Pennies

Lee Royal Arch Chapter No. 69 Pennington Gap Virginia

San Francisco Chapter No. 1 R.A.M. San Francisco CA

John L. Lewis Chapter No. 229 R.A.M. Cobleskill, NY

LaFayette Chapter No. 1 R.A.M. Pine Bluff Arkansas

Trowel Chapter No. 49 R.A.M. Ceder Rapids IA. (Has a hole drilled into it)

Fort Dummer Chapter No. 12 R.A.M. Battleboro, VT

Bloomington Chapter No. 26 R.A.M. Bloomington, IL

Winona Chapter No. 5 R.A.M. Winona, Minn.

Winner Chapter No. 50 R.A.M. Winner, SD

Indianapolis Chapter No. 5 R.A.M. Indianapolis, IN

Germantown Chapter No. 208 R.A.M. Germantown, PA

LaFayette Chapter No. 2 R.A.M. Chicago, IL

Corinthian Chapter No. 159 R.A.M. New York, NY

Auburn Park Chapter No. 201 R.A.M. Auburn Park, IL

Oracle Chapter No. 180 R.A.M. Glenview, IL

Calumet Chapter No. 73 R.A.M. Milwaukee, WI

Tifton Chapter No. 47 R.A.M. Tifton, CA

Quincy Chapter No. 5 R.A.M. Quincy, IL

Irving Park Chapter No. 195 R.A.M. Chicago, IL

Cambridge Royal Arch Chapter (1864 no City or Chapter Number, Keystone on Reverse)

Woodlawn Chapter No. 265 R.A.M. Chicago, IL

Redwood Chapter No. 34 R.A.M. Redwood Falls, MN

Oswego River Chapter No. 2

Wiley M. Egan Chapter No. 126 R.A.M. Chicago, IL

Seneca Chapter No. 42 R.A.M. Tiffin, OH

Glenville Chapter No. 197 R.A.M. Cleveland, OH

Washington Chapter No. 92 R.A.M. Washington, IN

America Chapter No. 250 R.A.M. Chicago, IL (Flying Eagle carrying keystone)

2 each of the Tadmor Chapter No. 18 R.A.M. Knoxville, IOWA

Ohio Chapter No. 12 R.A.M. (no city)

Galesburg Chapter No. 16 R.A.M. Galesburg, IL (hole drilled in it)

Tristram B. Freeman Chapter No. 243 R.A.M. Philadelphia, PA

Fort Dearborn Chapter No. 245 R.A.M. Chicago, IL

Henry L. Palmer Chapter No. 87 R.A.M. Milwaukee, WI -in Sterling Silver

McKinley Chapter No.102 R.A.M. Milwaukee, WI -in Sterling Silver

Midway Chapter No Member night Oct 4th 1930

Huron Chapter No. 7 R.A.M. Norwalk, OH -150th Anniversary 1971

Grand Royal Arch Chapter New Hampshire. Indianapolis indiana 1912 (with chain and square corner of picture)

CONDITION: All of these Masonic tokens are in excellent condition, a few have a mark engraved, those with holes drilled are noted. T is a patina or numismatic tarnish to most. The photos can only reveal so much.

This collection was assembled by a serious masonic collector and was obtained through inheritance and is is valued immensly.

Starting bid reflects a take them all at 2 for $5.00

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