Huge Lot Of Over 300 Beautiful & Original Vintage Greeting Cards Used But Unused

Photo #1 approx. 50pcs Different Congratulations and Friendship Cards such as Graduation, 1st born, Happy Monday.

Photo #2 approx. 33pcs Birthday & Belated Birthday Cards

Photo #3 approx. 16pcs Get Well Cards

Photo #4 approx. 33pcs Easter and Valentines and I think 1 each of Fathers Day and Halloween Cards

Photo #5 approx. 21pcs Wedding Anniversary, and Engagement Cards

Photo #6 approx. 32pcs Thank You and Blank Cards

Photo #7 approx. 21pcs Christmas Cards

Photo #8 approx. 30 pcs of Miscellaneous including more Xmas Cards as well as a box of 21 Xmas Cards with matching envelopes 5pcs Winnie the pooh Invitations and a package of Hallmark Halloween Stickers

Photo #9 approx. 57pcs of Miscellaneous Cards with no envelopes (92pcs of extra envelopes but I have no idea how many will match up)

Photo #10 approx. 57pcs of small thank you notes and blank cards

The last two pictures both contain approx. 57 cards, but I only counted them once and the envelopes are not counted in the total either.

Basically there are approx. 376 total pcs of cards, but since some are so small and some don't have envelopes I just listed as over 300pcs. And Like I mentioned above, the cards for the most part are in good to very good condition but some of the envelopes
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