Huge lot RACO/WRRS Co. screw type locks

I acquired this lot of screw type locks from an estate sale. Majority of them are made of brass, a few are aluminum. I was told the "star" locks are brass, t are 18 of them, and they came from the state of Texas, as did the 4 locks with the larger shackles, which appear to be steel, as they are magnetic. These are made by WRRS Co. and RACO. T are 9 wrrs co. brass locks, and 11 aluminum, and the balance is an assortment. 56 total. By what I have been able to find out with a search, the WRRS Co. is the Western Railroad Supply Co. Don't know anything about the RACO. T is a screw driver type key that came with this lot with the words SAFETRAN that will be included. A nice selection of different types of screw type locks. Most of these are in good shape, and it appears some were never put in service. Update: One Ebayer has asked, if they are any letters on the backs of these. The answer is no, only raco and wrrs co. letters.

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