Huge lot of NEW Slug Zombies figures - 12 packs & 3 packs - Original Display box

Up for grabs is an awesome lot of Slug Zombies.
Lot includes :
4 - Series 3 Figurine 12 packs with original display box 4 - Series 3 Figurine 3 packs 4 - Series 2 Figurine 3 packs
12 packs and the original display box are both in very good condition.
3 packs are in good overall condition. They show obvious signs of wear but no major blemishes. However one of the 3 packs is missing half the sticker on the bubble.
All of the UPC codes have a black line through them with the exception of 2 of the 3 packs. This is more than likely caused by the original store lowering the price to get rid of old inventory and the black line represents no returns. Well that's what I at least assume.
Slug Zombies continue to rise in popularity. As a collector of toys I believe these will continue to excel and would make a great investment for the future. Although there is never a way to know for sure what toys will be worth money in the future, I sincerely feel this line of toys has that potential. They remind me of the Muscle Men in the 80's and unopened packages of those go for a decent chunk of change. Chances are other people feel this way too, but chance are they are not smart enough to obtain a display box in such good condition. The display boxes mostly end up getting thrown away and in the long run will be far
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