Up for auction just may be the last of the Wiggles items left in my house. These items were purchased many years ago when my 11 year old was a wiggles fan. There is scuffing and some marker marks as well as some stickers that have been removed. I would also give them a good wipe down. The may need batteries.
First let's start with the toys. There is a wiggles flashlight lookd like the big red car. It plays music and you can also use it as a flashlight. There is a sticker gone from the back of the car, and this needs batteries.
The big red car that has the four guys sitting in the car. It moves on it's own and sings. It is very cute and in very good shape.
Murray's Guitar has all the characters, and it plays music with every button you press. Very, very cute!
The microphone has the wiggles sticker on the front torn off. Anthony & Murray's feet are torn off. This plays music and you can sing into it. This needs batteries. The phillips screw is stripped.
The accordion has marker marks on it and all the buttons play music when you press them. You can also move it inside and out like an accordion.
The little object in the photo is a crayon sharpener.
The books are a preschool activity book, Hot Potato, Hot Potato, and Let's spend the day together.
I also have a sheet of stickers that
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