HUGE lot of VINTAGE ESTATE jewelry in boxes! 20 lbs!

Woohoo..vintage jewelry lovers and re-sellers....listen up and is what you've been waiting for!!
HUGE HUGE HUGE lot of vintage jewelry bought at an estate auction..I have not even attempted to count all the pieces as it would take forever..*(I'm going to estimate at least 200 since the weight is 20 lbs (actually 19.99)**....This jewelry will be sold ALL TOGETHER just as I bought it at the estate sale. There are four boxes that are stocked FULL as seen in picture #2 and sold in AS IS condition since it is vintage..(the black velvet display board and the ring holder is not included)..I used these to simply display this massive amount of jewelry.
The first jewelry box is a whopping 16" long x 9" wide X 6.5" deep with the lid that lifts up AND two drawers. This jewelry box still has the key attached! The 2nd box is blue and measures 11" long x 8" wide x 4" deep with a lid that opens but has no drawers..(looks like a sticker has been on the top lid)...the 3rd box is a gold metal whitmans candy tin and the last one is a small velvet square box that held vintage pearls that are heavy (glass?)..Lot contains everything imaginable from stick pins, brooches, earrings (clip on and pierced), bracelets, watches, belts, and rings..While most is vintage costume jewelry, I did see a couple of pieces that I am positive are sterling
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