Huge Lot! Vintage TMNT Party Van Speed Boat Splinter 88


Huge Lot! Vintage TMNT Party Van Speed Boat Splinter 88


This is a huge lot of vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures and vehicles in "played with" condition. May have missing parts, minor wear and rubbing, crooked/peeling stickers, etc. Please see pictures for complete condition details.

Lot comes with everything pictured, including the Original 1988 Turtle Party Wagon - Mutant Attack Van (marked 1988 with Stink O and Laugh Gas bombs), Raph's Sewer Speed Boat (almost complete), misc accessories, and these 22 action figures:

1988 Original First Edition "Soft Head" Donatello - Ultra Rare to find the absolute first TMNT action figures with the soft rubber head.

Other 1988 Action Figures: First Edition Splinter (all rubber), and (plastic headed) Michelangelo & Raphael

1989 Action Figures: Wacky Action Rock 'N Roll Michaelangelo (soft head wind-up), Wacky Action Sewer-Swimmin' Donatello (soft head wind-up)

1990 Action Figures: Wacky Action Sword Slicin' Leonardo (soft head wind-up, only the second Leonardo Figure ever made!), Mike the Sewer Surfer (soft head), Storage Shell Leonardo (soft head, 2 of these, one with belt, one without, both with their shell), and Storage Shell Michelangelo (soft head with Shell and Belt), Talkin' Donatello
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