HUGE Marvel Comics lot Spider-man Power Man Conan X-Factor Excalibur Secret Wars

Old comics from my collection built up over the years....

HUGE collection of original American Marvel Comics mostly from the Bronze & Copper ages

Titles include: Marvel Collector's Item Classics no.4 (1966), Power Man (inc. no.57 X-Men key x2, no.75, no.100), X-Factor (inc. no.75 & no.100), Marvel Team Up, Excalibur (Captain Britain), Lomax no.1 (Atlas 1975), Marvel Two In One, Marvel Fanfare, Conan, Moon Knight no.1, Marvel Spotlight, Secret Wars, Dazzler etc etc

All real comics - around 65 - please have a look at the pictures (though not all are pictured!)

100% Marvel (apart from 1 Atlas comic)

Condition: varies significantly from GD to NM-; solid, complete and readable. They are bagged together in groups.

The bronze-age comics are mostly pence variants

Box is obviously quite heavy so postage is £14.00 by Parcel 48. Pls note:Postage must be separate from the 'smaller' items I'm selling as these are all already boxed up, but boxes can be sent cheaper together on consignment.

However, evening or weekend pick-up is welcome (I live near the A1, M1 and A10 in Herts)..

best regards