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Huge Overwhelming old hand hammered singing bowl Dark multi-colored patina with faintly visible bronze and magenta. DARK AND MYSTERIOUS!!! Visible hammer markings all over! Create an awesome Outer walls feature large auspiscious symbols. This Mysterious bowl sings VERY VERY VERY easily Master Healing sustain lasts over 3 minutes! VERY DEEP AND VERY LOW!!! The most magnificenT jaw-dropping low vibes are the pinnacle of Grand Master tone!! The Perfect Master Healing bowl for serious professional Healing and meditation. VERY remarkable bowl is THE PINNACLE of Singing Bowls!! Huge vibrations that ring true and deep. The quality of this bowls sound and structure is amazing!!! The unbelievable vibrations will leave you in a tranquil dream-like state of CALM relaxation. This Bowl Received A Score of 99.9 based on the Singing Bowl Sound Grading System ©

Size: 11.25" in diameter by 4.5" high

Weight: 2290 grams (5 lbs. 0.8 ounces)

Retail Value: over $810.00

Below are two different ways to listen to the sound of this actual bowl being struck.
Click to play sound

The bowl does include a free pillow and wood striker (similar to the picture). I do have additional tools and accessories

The Singing Bowl Sound Grading System©

The Singing Bowl Sound Grading System is the best comprehensive process to grade the sound character of each individual Tibetan Singing Bowl. The grading system includes a variety of live tests on each individual bowl. By using modern software technology and the human body to grade each individual bowl based on its true sound quality. The system tests a combination of many factors such as the harmonics, frequencies, resonance, how easily the bowl sings, and the way each bowl generally affects the body. This is especially important for those interested in meditation and healing with the bowls.

The grading system includes a score based on a simple scale between 0 and 100. A bowl graded with a score of 0 would be the lowest quality in sound and resonance. Bowls with a score under 80 vary from below average (40 and under), average (40 to 60), and above average (60 and up) sound quality. Any bowl graded from 80 to 100 are among the highest quality available anyw and are best suited for healing and meditation.

In addition to the score the highest quality bowls may receive an additional score of Healing Grade and Master Healing Grade. These bowls are selected based on the sound healing characteristics that each bowl creates. Only the larger bowls with the lowest frequencies and harmonics are even considered. When struck, the Healing Grade bowls are guaranteed to vibrate well over a minute and the Master Healing Grade bowls well over 3 minutes. These higher graded bowls also have the ability to alter states of consciousness and affect emotional and physical healing aspects of the body. Each Healing graded bowl comes with a certificate of sound quality.

Silver Sky Imports is the largest and best supplier of genuine quality Tibetan Singing Bowls on eBay. We strive to provide precise information on each bowl we sell. You will find accurate pictures, descriptions, and sound for each individual bowl. Each bowl has its own personality and we accentuate that in each description.

How to Play Bowls

1. Hold the bowl in the palm of either hand.

2. With the striker, rub the outside rim in a circular motion. Keep an even pressure.

3. Gently increase the speed as the bowl begins to vibrate, and as the sound grows. It may help to tap the bowl to begin the vibration. Sometimes this method can take practice.

Another method is "gonging" or "striking" the bowls. This is a simple method that involves striking the bowl with a wood or padded striker. I do have additional padded tools available in my eBay store.


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