Huge Mexico Coin lot with gold, stamps, and Paper Money(Read Description $$$)

Your Bidding on a Beautiful Huge Lot of Mexico coins with gold, stamps, and Paper Money. This is a nice Collection with type coins and nice stamps. This will make you money if you are going to resell. A bank wrapped Un Peso bills with two missing. Nice assortment of paper money with Sequential numbering which you can see in pictures. Paper money is circulated and Uncirculated more Uncirculated there are 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 10,000 peso bills. See picture. Nice Mexico Stamps. Horse Peso, railroad, un peso, 8R, dos peso gold. Nice addition to someone's coin collection or gift or Type Set. Great gift. Nice investment. Over $2000 worth of coins and paper money!!! A must have collection. Look at pictures and if any questions message me. . Checkout my other items.
1935 .20 Centavos
1977 $100 Peso
2-1950 Cinco Pesos (Railroad)
2-1949 Una Onza Troy (First Year)
1921 Dos Peso
2-1968 25 Peso (Olympic)
2-1948 5 Peso (Cuauhtemocs)
1945 Dos Peso (Gold)
1 oz Maria Theresia (Silver)
1953 Cinco Pesos (Hidalgo)
1959 Cinco Pesos (Carranza)
1956 Cinco Pesos (Hidalgo)
1953 Cinco Pesos (Ano De Hidalgo)
1910 Un Peso (Horse Peso)
1911 Un Peso (Horse Peso)
1890 8 Reale
1892 8 Reale
1968 25 Peso (Olympic Drop Ring TYPE 3)
1919 20 Centavos (Silver)
1870 ZsH Un
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