HUGE Party Nerf Lot 60 Guns Dart Crossbow Clips Longshot N-Strike Vortex Soakers

Nerf Guns Lot of 60 guns and Pieces

You will love these NERF guns. Safe and Fun for everyone

Here is what you get!!!


N-Strike Maverick Rev-6 pistols: 7 (4 yellow, one that has been painted green, and 2 white) N-Strike Strongarm pistol: 1 N-Strike Triad Elite EX-3 mini pistols: 2 N-Strike Stampede Riffles: 2 (one missing battery pack) N-Strike Longshot CS-6: 2 (Both work, one missing tripod legs, one missing cocking handle) N-Strike Barrel Extension: 1 N-Strike Bow: 1 N-Strike Magazines: 3 (2 18 inch, one 6 inch) N-Strike Scout IX-3 pistol: 1 N-Strike (blue) Elite Tommy looking gun: 1 N-Strike mini pistol: 1 N-Strike elite firestrike pistol: 1 N-Strike recon cs 6 pistol: 1 N-Strike Titan AS-3.1 Bazooka (green): 1 (no darts included) N-Strike Mega big shock pistol: 1 N-Strike Mega elite Magnus Large pistol: 1


Vortex Protons: 5 (4 green, one white) Vortex Praxis: 1 (no clip) Vortex Vigilon: 1 Vortex Diatron: 1

Super Soakers:

Tidal Torpedo Missle Launcher: 1 Scatter Blast Pistol: 1 Pistol (white): 1 Micro burst 2: 1 Electro Storm: 1 Rattler with scope: 1 Hydro Cannon Riffle: 1


Nerf pistol with red dot (batteries needed for red dot): 4 Nerf compound bow with scope: 1 Nerf pistol (blue) small: 1 Nerf Rebel bows, one has dart holder (white): 2 Atom Blaster: 1 Buzz Saws
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