HUGE Pirate Ship Lot - Ultimate Black Pearl - Playmobil Island - Mega Bloks +++


ARRRRGH, matey! Our little matey has moved on from his piracy days and it is time to make room for something else! There is almost too much to list and I think the photos do the best justice here. Please ask any and all questions before bidding!! This is an as-you-see-it lot. The Ultimate Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean) comes with the 5 moveable action figures and the ship should be complete (though I gave up trying to put everything together for the photos!) as we purchased it "new-in-box"...this ship alone retails for about $150. The ship's electronics all work...lights and sound, cannon doors opening, etc.

There is a Playmobil pirate island set with the giant squid and shark...a cannon and cannon balls, etc. This set was from Costco and should also be complete...there is a lot of "rigging" from all of the different ships, so I will leave it to you to figure it all out.

There is a partial (?!) Mega Bloks pirate ship. This ship might be complete but there are extra parts for another ship with it? This was purchased as-is at a used toy store in Santa Barbara.

There is a play castle (fortress for storming) that is also complete and comes with a lot of little characters.

There is a pirate map and "compass"...for play. And
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