Huge Private Comic Book Collection ( approx. 4500 bks )

Perfect for someone wanting to start their own comic book shop, put comics under the Xmas tree for your teenage son who collects, find some of those rare books, build up your Silver Age and Modern issues or even improve your special edition issues and back issues greatly. This collection consists of 17 long boxes ( approx. 250 books each ) and 1 short box of comics. We are talking about approx. 4,500 books. This collection has been kept in an air conditioned environment and is mostly in sleeves w/backing boards or expensive comic sleeves and categorized. The few that aren't in backboards...are still in excellent condition. The best ones are of course NEAR MINT to MINT . DO NOT BE MISTAKEN! This is NOT a collection of cheap back issues. YOU WILL NOT REGRET PICKING THIS UP! ONE OF THE BEST INVESTMENTS YOU WILL EVER MAKE!
I collected during the years of 1986 to 1996, but bought books from all eras ( SILVER AGE, MODERN, etc. ) I could afford to buy from. I went to many conventions in the Houston and Dallas areas and bargained for many great books. T are books from all of the ages in and a few gems thrown in. I have over $20,000 in this entire collection, but I've been around the comic business long enough to know that you rarely get what you pay for in the end. I'm reasonable, but I'm not crazy. I've actually taken some time to
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