The largest lot from my Star Wars collection listings! This auction is for a HUGE lot of Star Wars box sets and exclusive items. There are 40 items total from all 6 movies including Clone Wars. All of the items are in their original package with minor wear unless noted. Here is a rundown of everything in the lot.
30th Anniversary Bounty Hunters set SDCC Disturbance in the Force (cracked blister) Kamino Conflict box set Duel on Mustafar box set Clone Commando Squad box set Republic Commando box set The Hidden Enemy box set Star Tours box set
The Force Unleashed box set Ambush at Abregado box set Boba Fett/BL-17 set Darth Maul/I-5YQ set TRU Speeder Bike with Scout C-3PX Droid Factory two-pack 4 of 6 C-3PX Droid Factory two-pack 5 of 6 Action Figure Droid set Order 66 two-pack
Darth Malgus Statue Attack on Hoth box set G8-R3 Boba Fett two-pack Obi Wan Kenobi Legacy Collection Queen Amidala Jodo Kast Clone Wars Yoda Clone Wars R4-P17 Clone Wars Flamethrower Trooper Clone Wars Aurra Sing Clone Wars Commander Wolffe Clone Wars Boba Fett Clone Wars Anakin
Clone Wars Admiral Yularen Clone Wars Jek Clone Wars Captain Rex Clone Wars Hondo Ohnaka Clone Wars Commander Bly Clone Wars Jawas Clone Wars Cad Bane Clone Wars Cody Clone Wars Commander Stone

This is a great lot for any Star Wars collection. If you have any

Please see my other listings for my items from my collection.

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