Huge Star Wars lot figures ships vehicles loose

If your looking for a mint shape highly collectible Star Wars collection, dont look here, lol. My son has decided he wants to move on and get into other stuff, so when we cleaned his room, he asked if we could sell his Star Wars stuff. At first didnt think he had that much...boy was I ever wrong. You get everything in the picture plus what we keep adding to it for we are still finding Star Wars toys. So far you get

65 Galactic Heroes

90 action figures

13 ships vehicles

16 unleashed small figures

And lots of misc items.

These toys are in played with shape. Imagine that, toys that have been played with from a child, lol. Missing parts, broken parts and dirt is no extra charge.

The AT AT seems to be the most complete and all sounds work fine. The legacy Falcon seems pretty complete, legs are inside the ship and has a small ship inside the side. No missles found yet. Few are just dirty from the sand lot and should come clean with some water.

May have some difficulty finding a box big enough due to the falcon. So shipping maybe delayed a few days. Im sure it will take 2 boxes if not 3.