HUGE Starting Lineup SLU Lot Figurine Jeter Marino Brady Favre (56 Pieces) USA

You are purchasing a large collection of Starting Lineup figurines still in packages. Also included will be a few Headliners and one McFarlane. Several sports represented and some rare, valuable pieces as well. As mentioned, all in original packages. Some with the price stickers still attached. 56 Figurines in all. Obvious flaws or notated. You will receive the following:

Kenner Starting Lineups--BASEBALL: 1999 Derek Jeter Classic Double. This contains two figurines, one Yankees uniform and one Columbus Clippers minor league uniform.

1996 Garrett Anderson, 1988 Jose Canseco, 1989 Chris Sabo, 1993 (includes 2 cards each) Bip Roberts (small tear at top of package), Jeff Bagwell, and Jose Canseco.

Also, 1996 Mark McGwire Headliner

Kenner Starting Lineup--FOOTBALL : 1988 Eric Dickerson (valuable piece but package is loose), 1989 Marcus Allen, 1989 Phil Simms. 1995 Jerry Rice, 1996 John Elway, 1997 Brett Favre, 1997 Classic Doubles of Brett Favre/Bart Starr, 1997 Classic Double of Joe Montana/Jerry Rice, 1997 Classic Double Joe Montana/Dwight Clark. 1998 Classic Double of John Elway/Dan Marino, 1998 Classic Double of Marcus Allen/Mike Garrett, 1998 Classic Double of YA Tittle/Sam Huff. 1999/2000 Classic Double of John Elway/Terrell Davis, 1999/2000 Classic Double of Cris Carter/Randy Moss. Single Pieces...
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