HUGE SUPERB 24ct.GOLD natural nugget.EXTREMELY RARE.10 GRAMS from Australia.

This gold nugget is pure and unadulterated perfection with just the tiniest hint of quartz and no other impurities that I can see. Obviously 24ct then. It came from Australia originally, and I was going to keep it for my pension, but as you can see, I am a porcelain collector. It is alluvial in nature, meaning that it had been washed down, flushed out and purified by a river. It displays fabulous thumbprints, like a meteorite. It looks perfect, it feels perfect and it is perfect. And wow, does it feel heavy in your hands?! You bet it does, as gold is nearly twice as heavy as lead! . P>I ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE THIS TO BE A PURE 24ct GOLD NUGGET, AND IF YOU HAD ANY SPECIALIST DISAGREE, THEN I WOULD TAKE IT BACK FOR A FULL REFUND. PLEASE SEE MY EBAY FEEDBACK RECORD. P>It is huge at about 2 cms long by 0.9cms wide by 0.6cms deep. . P>Why nuggets are in Demand . It is estimated that less than 2 percent of the world’s gold supply remains in the form of natural nuggets. Many of the world's governments strictly control the search and sale of natural gold nuggets. Much of the gold found in the last 2 centuries have been melted down to form bullion bars and coins. Tragically the largest gold specimens ever found met the same fate and have been lost forever. Gold nuggets continue to be found across the world - with each locale producing ... read more