HUGE Tantric Shiva LINGHAM Lingam from India~Gorgeous!

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HUGE Tantric Shiva LINGHAM Lingam from India~Gorgeous!

Tantric Shiva Lingham - Lingam

from India

Dimensions: H 8.12" x W 4.2"
Weight: 7 lbs. 13.3 oz.
Condition: Excellent Natural Condition!

Metaphysical Description:
The Tantric Shiva Lingham is one of the oldest religious symbols of civilization, according to ancient lore, recognized for it's healing power . They represent a form of energy that is within each of us. We are all made up of part male and part female energy. Too much of one or the other causes an imbalance. Male and female energies must be unified if we are to find real peace of mind. Through the union of opposites the energies of creation are released and we can realize a state of higher consciousness.

The Lingham is a naturally formed stone born of this earth. Within the lingham are two kinds of minerals fused together under great pressure, representing not only the duality of man and woman, but also a world of constant change, as no two linghams are alike. The vertical shape of the lingham represents the stream of man's expanding consciousness and evolution upward. The horizontal shape of the Lingham represents the contracting stream of female consciousness and evolution inward. The Lingham is solid and heavier than
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