Huge Train Set lionel 671 steamer, 2671 tender,lots Cars, Buildings Lumber Load

This is a huge estate sale collection of old Lionel Trains, Lionel Buildings , plasticville buildings, 671 Heavy Engine w Pennsylvania Tender, Awesome old 364 Lumber Loader which is metal and excellent condition, Bachman Plasticville People w box, 3656 Car Stockyard, Metal, 3462 Milkcar Platform, Barn, barn, church, watertower, Firehouse w two trucks, House, hardware store, 2 more houses, crain train house, 2567 Plastic O scale Car, 2460 Crane Car, 3656 Rodeo Armour, EL,ES, 2456 Lehigh Valley, 3469 Dumpcar, 3451 Pennsylvania, O Scale Watchtower, 397 Coal Loader, Automatic Lionel gateman 6-2145, and 3462 Automatic Refrigerated Car and 2 Uncouple Unloads and track as shown. These were kept in a garage and some moisture was inside but not much with just a feint musty smell on the boxes which are included with the cars as shown in pic one. The Engine wheels are discolored in the back and you can easily use fine steel pad and clean and repaint them or leave them alone and some cars but not many need a gentle cleaning. Most of these are very good condition or better. The lumber loader is excellent, the coal loader is excellent and I have boxes for most including the lumber loader shown in pic one. Shipping will be at cost, not marked up but will take about 3 boxes and I am only guessing around $49.00 . As stated when you win, we will
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