HUGE Victorian/Eastlake 1880's Or Art Deco Hanging Lamp,Sold As Lamp Parts,OLD

Hello, i feel like this is a confession here goes:::
It has been over four (4) plus years since my last listing my friends and know that eBay has changed, prices have gone down and so on.
BUT, i will try and sell the same as I use to. If not happy return for full refund,, May also pay for returned shipping if i made an error in the listing. made the first book called THE EBAY BIBLE by Jim GRIFF Griffith and am in chapter four called " after The Sale." so rest assured, we aim to please.
ALL of this stuff is mine as I sold a home and am trying to get rid of stuff i no longer need,, ok ask if you want a question asked and again, kindly -- enjoy my auctions::
THIS ITEM IS A::::: great antique lamp!! Read slow now for size,, it is overall about 20"s from top cover to hanging finial,, the lamp is about 12"s itself,, there are five (5) socket areas.. looks all wired and looks intact THOUGH no clue it need rewiring! intact and will ship!!! Note price reflects FREE SHIP!