Huge vintage jewelry repair / craft lot...21 lbs, *NR*

This is the ultimate HUGE lot of jewelry for repair or crafts, also lots of wearable......a treasure hunt for sure!!!

This is the ultimate craft / repair jewelry lot. T is everything in this lot: vintage brooches for repair, wearable jewelry, all types of stones, rhinestones, watches, bracelets, service pins, etc etc. I am eliminating piles of jewelry and this was all seperated as craft / repair items....however, I got really tired of sorting so lots of wearable jewelry was added as well. T are lots of earrings vintage and newer. T are rings, earrings (clip, screwback, and pierced). I also put all of my vintage earrings that I was hoping to find mates for but didn't. T is just everything in T is 21 lbs of this stuff. It will be a true treasure hunt.

A great lot for jewelry collectors who need pieces or stones. Or for someone who repairs jewelry, t are lots of nice pieces that need a simple stone replaced. A great lot for the artist, all types of stones of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Anything and everything you need you will find You are buying as is simply because it's a scrap lot of everything. T even may be gold and silver because I literally got tired of sorting and checking so I just threw everything in..........have fun and enjoy the treasures. This will all come in one large box.

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