Huge Vintage Lot of 49 Reel to Reel Audio Tapes Elvis Sinatra Stevie Wonder Ray

*Reel to Reel tape lot*
Up for your consideration is a lot of 49 pre-recorded music, radio shows,
musicals, tv shows.....
Some of the tapes could possible be blank.
The brands are 7" Scotch, Ampex, ,Soundcraft, 1 Realistic Laboratory standard Supertape.
There are 3 5" tapes. 2 are soundcraft, 1 Philips. There are 5 7" reels that do not have boxes.
There is a wide variety of labels on the boxes.
On a Maxwell Recording tape there is an Elvis album recorded. It says Elvis Presley-Side One-
On Stage-Graceland-Elvis Presley Blvd-Side Two- Elvis Presley Blvd-Aloha From Hawaii- Le Disque
There is a Johnny Cash but it likes as if there is only half of the tape on there.
Some of the other names is Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, Nate King Cole, Wilson Pickett, The Young Rascals,
Martha & The Umbrellas, Ray Charles, Smokey Robinson, Johnny Mathis, Simon & Garfunkal,
The Righteous Brothers, Ed Ames, Roy Orbison, Greatest Hits (My Girl Light my Fire, Born Free,
etc), Roger Willaims, Peter Paul & Mary, Les Paul & Mary Ford, The Temptations, Johnny Cash,
1 of the tapes has The Beatles Revolver, The Rolling Stones, The Blue Magous, Beach Boys, etc....
and much more.
Some of the boxes show wear and tear. All of the tapes look to be in playable
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